Athenian street culture shows progress

Art on the streets of the world: an exhibition from Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti

Four artists will transform the gallery into a corner of street art that reflects

the contemporary culture of Athens, what is taking place on the city’s streets today and more.

From the 10th of November until the 2nd of December the Athenian audience is

invited to see and participate in the creation of “living artworks”,

by interacting with the artists.

The visitors are also encouraged to share pictures of hidden

street art of the artists’ through social media.

Manolis Anastasakos, with his large experience with murals of a large scale,

Cacao Rocks with his unique style that has gained impressions internationally,

WD (Wild Drawing) who acquired publicity worldwide with his

awesome owl drawn on an old Athenian building and Olga Alexopoulou known

for her love for the ocean and her creation in Piraeus,

join forces and present their works in Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti,

with a special exhibition that “breaks through” the limits of the art community

and that will be launched on Friday, at 19:00pm.

On the launching day on the 10th of November the book “Art on the streets of the world”

will also be presented, which is published by “Metaixmio” publications and produced by

Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti, which features the history of graffiti and of street art

from its beginning on the highways of New York up till today.

The book, which was created especially for this particular exhibition, contains texts

of the art historian and associate professor at the National and

Kapodistrian University of Athens Manos Stefanidis, and of the architecture,

art historian and associate professor at the School of Architecture of the

Technical University of Crete, Thanasis Moutsopoulos, as well as

interviews of the four artists from curator Vasiliki Sianti.

At the same time, on the day of the opening surprise Live performances will take place.

Meanwhile, artists give the opportunity to whomever wants to,

to take home a piece of street art with him, as each of them have created

two screen prints of their most recognized artworks,

bringing this way the art of the street indoors.

As street art is becoming more and more popular all around the world,

Athenian street culture also shows progress.

The artists depict social matters or simply light up

a grey wall through their art, creating a momentary reaction.

This is the participation and the commitment that Ikastikos Kiklos Santi

hopes to achieve by inviting four street artists

to take over the gallery’s space, who work in Athens as well as abroad,

of which each one of them has an important role in this particular scene.

Manos Stefanidis notably mentions “The restricted wall and its almost

metaphysical function in the consciousness of the youngsters who

constantly feel imprisoned between walls, has in our days the biblical charm

of the forbidden fruit as it reconciles sin with heaven.

This is what graffiti is, this is street art!”

Finally, Thanasis Moutsopoulos underlines that

“Many street artists believe that they beautify the environment with

their paintings and feel that they perform social work,

taking down the intention of some leftist or more anarchist theorists

who focus on its violation aspect. It’s up to you to decide what the truth is...”