Egor Laptarev


Egor Laptarev

Born 1984 in Maikop (Republic of Adygea, Russia).

1999-2004 he studied at the Abramtsevo College of Art and Industrial.

2005-2011 - studied at The St. Petersburg Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture on the faculty of monumental painting under the guidance by A.A.Mylnikov A.K.Bystrov.

His graduation work was the monumental painting "Borodino", it was awarded an excellent rating.

Since 2011, a member of the Artists' Union of St. Petersburg.

2008-2014 took part in the creation of mosaic panels for the St. Petersburg subway under the leadership of A.K. Bystrov (Spasskaya station, Sennaya, Volkovskaya, Admiralteiskaya, Mezhdunarodnaya, Zvenigorodskaya, Bucharestskaya).


Egor Laptarev is a annual participant in the spring and autumn exhibitions of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg.

2015 – the personal exhibition "The World of sad clowns", ART Residences PENZA (Penza, Russia).

2015 - Charity art-marathon, art gallery "K35" (Moscow, Russia).

2015 - "70 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War" exhibition hall of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg (Russia).

2015 - «STARTinART'15», art gallery "K35" (Moscow, Russia)

2014 – the personal exhibition "Essence" in the gallery of the creative cluster "ArtMuza" (St. Petersburg, Russia).

2013 - 1st International Exhibition of Monumental Art (Beijing, China).

2011 - A mobile exhibition of young artists of Russia (Guangzhou / Guilin / Shendzhen, China).

2009 - Exhibition of young artists of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (San Diego, USA).

Honors and Awards:

2014 - First place in the competition of illustrations for stories by Victor Pelevin, conducted by the publishing house EKSMO (Moscow, Russia).

2014 - One of the winners in the competition "Indistinct image" and "Metaphysical head" by artist Mikhail Shemyakin Foundation.

Egor Laptarev’s art-works have multifaceted technique and stylistically diverse. He works with painting, drawing, sculpture and mosaic.

The artist’s painting has a rich palette, it is expressive and transmit the inner state of a person perfectly.

Pictures by Egor Laptarev have a deep emotional implication, it reflect the human’s relationships and with yourself, connect with nature, history. Images like snatched from the dreams flow into the real life and create the unreal atmosphere around.