Nicole Roumelioti

Nicole Roumelioti

Nicole Roumelioti was born in Athens, Greece in 1979.

Nicole Roumelioti, a young artist from Greece, showcases life on canvas through the purity and beauty of the male and female body.

Her work ‘Temptation’ was awarded first prize at the 2011 Saatchi Online Showdown Scope New York International Competition out of 3,500 participants and is part of the exhibition in Brighton.

She holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts and Technology from the Middlesex University, London.

Her first prize winner work ‘Temptation’ was exhibited in group at the Saatchi Online Pavillion, SCOPE New York International Contemporary Art Festival in March 2011.

She has undertaken several private commissions, lives and works in Athens, Greece.

I was brought up in an artistic environment.

My style is Realism, mostly in black and white with a domain red element that signifies each painting.


Solo Exhibition

February 2010, at the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus,

Group Exhibition

April 2010, at the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus.

The first presentation in the art world for an artist is a very important issue for her and for what she has chosen to present to the public.

The title of the exhibition is "Body language" and what the artist desires from this particular subject is not an exact depiction of the human body, but the willful and abstract choice of parts thereof, leaving it sometimes bathed in light and sometimes hidden in it's folds.

White and black are not colors, but when they coexist in a painting they are analyzed into different accents and shadows that take on the dominant role, having as reference point the red brushstroke, a sign of love that is discreetly there.

Nicole, despite her young age, enters the artistic space and dynamically presents life through the beauty and purity of the human body.

Spyros Merkouris

First steps. The first communication to the public.

First time that Nicole is showing the world what she thinks, what touches her what express her and how she express.

Nowadays the criteria of originality and individuality play an important role in the critical evaluation of artworks.

Nicole has its own character. A mixture of classicism, realism and pop art.

A photographic approach to the issues and the bodies with perfect design literally take shape.

A sculptural approach to the canvas in the style of the film giving a special vitality and modernity.

The youthfulness of reflected in its work.

He originates life. The lines, the color and shading give the intensity of its creation.

White-black: through the two neutral colors emanates a chromatic unity speaks in warmth.

The materials used manages and transforms it into warmth.

Through the draft rolling movement and memory.

In her work Nicole is no concept of the measure, the ratio of exchange and interaction.

Katerina Tsaligopoulou

The Ambassador Hotel is proud to present the exhibition “ Body Language II ” -paintings by Nicole Roumelioti, as part of the Kemptown Trail, Artists Open Houses and during the May 2014 Brighton Arts Festival.

“Since my first art quests, black and white mastered my paintings for their relationship of intense contrast.

The coexistence of the abstractive classical form with the plain sensual vision of the body is fulfilled from the emotions that emanate from them.

Passion, hope, flirtation, narcissism, lust , are some of the elements that are imported in this theme.

Amongst the light and the shadow, the intensity and the tranquility, the red colour stands out to mark the free interpretation of the observer.”