Vlada Kadymova

Vlada Kadymova was born in 1977 in small town located just on the coast of charming lake Balkhash .

Her parents were military engineer and fine art painter.

The drive and interest to the fine drafting was something that she acquired in the very childhood, besides house was always filled with the wonderful collection of books and kid spent quite some time with reading  and trying to draft and materialize her fantasies and illustrating her favorite personages.

Her inner world was always full of dreams about voyages to remote mysterious lands.

The family was encouraging girls’ interest to the arts  though they saw her future rather as being a musician.

The move to the capital of Belarus Minsk in 1991, changed the things quite a bit, when firstly Vlada was fascinated by art of photography which she mastered to the professional level through college diploma, and the  after graduation she entered  in to the full time University program for fashion model designer.

She graduated with honors.

While going through the studies Vlada was exposed to the fine arts painting and there were no doubts remaining that it was exactly what would be a passion of her life forever, while her professional skills in modeling and photography would only compliment her artistic growth.

As a person with very incquisiting and challenging  mind Vlada continued to learn many other interesting things.

The interest to foreign cultures and languages acquired in the childhood brought desire to learn Italian, French, and English .

Later she was graduated by Minsk Linguistic University in German language.

Currently Vlada, as a real world person, is traveling a lot and seeing inspiration for her art in endless discoveries, voyages, submersion in to the nature, unique places and people, which could be seeing in her paintings  as puzzles and  part of her vision of beauty , allowing spectator to always see in them something very important and moving for himself.

Her artistic personages , themes and subjects are very fragile, multi-layered and superficial and at the same time deeply contoured  and full of hidden mysterious meanings, her heroines are of finest matter, miraculous  and sensible ladies images.

Art works full of symbolism and romantism.

Geography of artworks for today includes private collections in Russia , Germany , Spain , countries Near East and Mexico.