Art in the subway Athens

A few years ago in Moscow, I saw picturesque paintings on the walls inside several subway cars.

Like is the wrong word to describe how I felt.

It was fun and unusual.

Like they say, Art should please!

The idea turned out very interesting and appealing.

Today in Athens, for the promotion of art, an excellent place has been earmarked in the central Syntagma station for Greek artists to showcase their creativity.

In 2016, the Ministry of Culture of Greece created a special commission for the selection and presentation of particularly interesting artworks in the Athenian Subway.


The purpose of this project is to create something for thousands of Athenians and tourists to appreciate and enjoy.

Feedback from passengers after the first showing in March was nothing short of glowing.

The success of the painters will be continued.

Already a list and schedule of artists ready to showcase their work to the general public has been compiled.

For now, only Greek artists are featured, but I hope that in the future artists from other countries will participate as well.

All works and collections go through a competitive selection process which then are approved by the Commission of Culture and Education.

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We will announce when the next subway exhibition will be held.