Lena Blonsky

Lena Blonsky


Lena Blonsky (aka lenochka b), born 23 July 1964, is a Greek-Russian contemporary artist.

Fundamentally self-taught in the arts, Lena honed her knowledge and skills in various arts and crafts while parallel to working as a qualified interior designer.

Mentored by renowned Greek artist Ageliki Tseva, the world of art soon won her over, to which she is now fully focused and dedicated.

A restless and creative soul, Lena's creations are colorful, bold, playful, and at times whimsical with a touch of hippie retro. Lena's skills and experience span the fields of interior design, from which she began, through art and graphic design.

Her designs have been applied to hand knotted rugs,textile and handmade cement tile.

Her primary medium is mixed media on wood to which she adds surface texture and depth with pyrography.

Adorable hand painted animal figurines also feature in her range of work.


Sheffield School of Interior Design, New York, USA

Rhodec International, UK

Art Center, Glyfada, Greece

Ageliki Tseva, Koropi


Tea House, Kolonaki, Athens May 2010

Koropi (Joint Student Exhibition under Ageliki Tseva) June 2010

Cube Gallery, Patras September 2012

First Collection July 2013

Joint Exhibition with Ageliki Tseva June 2014

Art Links October 2014


2013 ADEX Silver Award for Design Excellence for 'AGAS', hand knotted silk wall hanging

2014 ADEX Platinum Award for Design Excellence for 'Summer Waves, hand knotted rug