Athens - a new place of attraction of modern art.

Athens - a new place of attraction of modern art.

Exhibition of Art - Athina - 2016 will be held from 26 to 29 May in Paleo Faliro.

For the 21st time International Contemporary Art Fair Art-Athina, opens its doors in the indoor Olympic stadium (taekwondo) in the area of Paleo Faliro.

Athens Art Fair last year for the first time in the history attracted almost 40 thousand visitors.

Despite the crisis, last year's visitors showed great interest in contemporary art.

Organizers of the exhibition this year managed to increase the number of participants, and to expand the display of exhibits, compared with last year, almost 25%.

International Exhibition credibility Art - Athina, which was created by the Greek Association of Art (PSAT) in 1993, is constantly growing and expanding. In the language of numbers, in 2015 41 Gallery from 12 countries took part in the capital's exhibition.

This year, applications were submitted for participation much more.

Expansion the participation of Greek and foreign art galleries, it indicates a truly international interest in contemporary art.

Here is a selective list of participants of the international exhibition Art - Athina 2016:

«9th Art Wave»

«Harrington Mill Studios» (UK)

«A Brooks Art» (UK)

«BEASTON projects»


«PAPER», «SCI», (UK)

«Museum of Contemporary Cuts» (USA)

«the Milena principle» «Various Artists»(Belgium)

«The collective Extra-Muros » (France)

«DIENSTGEBÄUDE Art Space Zurich» (Switzerland)

«Milkshake Agency Geneva» (Switzerland)

«N & N» (Spain)

«between ideal and reality» (Italy)

«Parkingallery Project» (Iran)

«AKA artist-run» (Canada)

«Binary art» (Cyprus)

«Future Scenarios (AWA)»(Holland)

«Plattform» «IDI Galleri»

«Museum of Forgetting» (Sweden)

«MUU Galleria»

«Kallio Kunsthalle» (Finland)

Art Zone 42 Gallery (Αthens)

Asian Art Works/ Beijing (South Korea )



Gallery Binyil (Turkey)

Gallery Tableau (Seoul, South Korea)

Gamrekeli Gallery (Τbilisi Georgia)



MELKART Gallery (Paris France)

The Public House of Art (Holland)

Mulier Mulier Gallery (Belgium)

So, just after 1 week you will be able to see the new work of contemporary artists in the historic land of Ancient Greece.

Who knows?

Perhaps among the exhibits you will recognize new Malevich, Monet, Modigliani ...

And successful acquisition will begin your personal collection of modern art!